October Loot Crate Unboxing: Horror

Well with my usual perfect timing, I’m reviewing October’s Loot Crate in November. I think it was appropriate this time though, as I opened my box on Halloween to find that the theme this month was Horror!


October Loot Crate: Horror

Opening the box was a thrill in itself as I first spotted the Walking Dead theme on the inside of the box. John and I have been watching since the first season. We absolutely love this show and so were excited to see it represented.  This scene from last season, when the gang meets Negan for the first time, and is gorgeously shot. I’m tempted to keep the lid though I’m not sure what I’d do with it.

And  of course I notice the Negan shirt smiling up at me. How can someone so good looking be so evil? It should be a law of nature that if you are evil, you look it! Hmm… but then there’d be a lot of scary looking people walking around I guess. Two of them would be running for president!  I promise that’s the only gratuitous election joke in this post.


Though I was itching to pull out the shirt, I grabbed the plushy doll first as I couldn’t identify it and wanted to know what it was. At first I thought it was something from the horror/splatter films, Hostel. However it turned out to be Leatherface!


I’ve only seen one of the movies from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and it was a long time ago.  At the time I was a lot more squeamish and could barely get through the movie.  I’ve never seen another one since.  Having said that, Loot Crate and KidRobot took some of the fear out of it with this cute (?) plush Leatherface.  Apparently, they made two versions, a frowning plushy and a smiling plushy.  I’m really glad we got the smiling plushy. Although, now that I think about it… you probably wouldn’t ever want to meet a smiling Leatherface.  It can never lead to good things.


The shirt, the shirt, the shirt!  I know they’re just shirts, but I have loved every single one of the Loot Crate shirts we’ve received.  And though this one breaks my heart, I’ll still wear it about town.  It may be covered in tears, but I’ll wear it nonetheless.


Negan is the new Big Bad in The Walking Dead TV series.  He apparently also is a major player (ha ha, get it) in the comics; but, as I can’t afford to read the comics, I’ve only seen the one showcased on this baseball fan style tshirt.

In either version, he’s a horrible, horrible man who I hope meets a very bloody end by a certain member of Rick’s group.  I’m obviously trying to avoid spoilers for those who may be the last ones on the face of the earth who hasn’t seen the Season 7 premier.  If you haven’t watched it yet, bring tissues when you do.


I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t recognize this next item.  I mean, it’s a pennant flag for Camp Crystal Lake, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what Camp Crystal Lake was.  Well, you know how I mentioned I used to be more squeamish back in the day? Yeah, I’ve only seen one Halloween movie in my life too.  I wasn’t a fan of Jason and his gruesome methods of killing everyone he came across.

Hmm… now that I have a stronger stomach though, maybe next year I should catch up on those old school horror movie marathons they do on AMC.


This one I actually recognized in a strange way.  Even though the book says Loot Crate Exclusive on the cover, I remembered reading it before!  What the heck?


It turns out I have the Superhero version of this!  Also, received from Loot Crate… have I ever mentioned how bad my memory is?


Jon Morris, a cartoonist and graphic designer, and writer of his own blog, Gone & Forgotten, put together these two collections that highlight just how weird comics can be.  This collection of Regrettable Supervillians includes such gems as: Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (yes, that’s his name), Bloor, the leader of Uranus (ha ha ha), and the Round Robin (a very round, boneless crook who can literally roll to make his escape).

This has been a fun read so far, and just like the Superhero compilation has some very amusing characters that I can’t believe ever made it into print.

Bloor is actually in the upper right corner. Yep, he looks like the leader of Uranus all right.

The next item is a set of Freddy Krueger chopsticks. Which, at first, seemed like an awesome idea.


However, I found they were really hard to use as actual chopsticks.  The ends of real chopsticks are meant to spread further apart so that you can pick things up with the points.  The glove on these prevent that from happening.  And no, they don’t come out of the glove.  As result, I found it hard to get a good grip on anything.

Having said that, John managed to pick up the Leatherface plush and he can’t figure out normal chopsticks.  So maybe these just depend on the inability to use actual chopsticks?



Next in the box was the monthly Loot Crate pin.  This month’s pin showcases Jason’s mask, a knife, and a pumpkin.



The pin includes SUPERFIGHT, a free downloadable game via Steam.  SUPERFIGHT is a card based game that is reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity, except you “battle” your friends with outlandish combinations of fighters.


The downloadable version of this allows you to play with your friends or strangers online and, if you wish, stream the game live via Twitch.  The goal is to explain why your fighter would win over the other fighter.  I swear, if I can get John to agree to do this and let me record it, you will see a post on it.


This month’s magazine features:

  • A would you survive quiz.
    • I would because I wouldn’t be in ANY of those situations.
  • A list of Jason’s best kills and weapons.
    • He seriously kills someone with a suana rock?
  • Interviews with the showrunner and executive producer of Wynonna Earp, Emily Andras; as well as actor Tim Rozon who plays Doc Holliday.
    • The show is based off of the comic of the same name which follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures.  This sounds right up my alley, how have I not seen this yet?


I was also happy to see that this month included a recipe!  I will definitely be making this as it will be ridiculously easy to make a low carb version. Unfortunately, I guess I’ll be making this next year seeing as how we’re already in November and I pretty much have the month planned out (none of which are Halloween dishes).


And the final prize in the box is, as usual, the box itself!  You can cut this month’s box up to make a mask for Halloween!  Well… you could… if you had opened it before Halloween.

Oh well. I can always wear it while watching The Walking Dead. That sounds a little sad, but I’m picturing it’ll be awesome.


By the way, this was crazy hard to get out without tearing the mask.  I’m not the strongest person (Lord knows), but there was no way this just pops out along the perforated lines.  I ended up ripping a lot of the box and using scissors to actually get the dang thing out intact.  And my hands hurt so bad by the end!

No joke… getting old sucks.

Aidan had a lot of fun with the mask though, and aside from the comically large head, it actually is a little disturbing to see him as a walker!

No! Not the kitty!
Too close for comfort!

All in all this was a fun box.  I’ll be keeping several items from this one: the SUPERFIGHT game, the Regrettable Supervillains book, and the tshirt for sure.  If any of you are wondering what I do with the items I don’t keep, I give them to Goodwill.

I always wonder about the look on their faces when they look through my box of “donations”.


Please don’t mind the mess.

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