Aidan’s Adventures

Aidan is trying his hand at YouTube too.  He has created a channel where he wants to post small videos of him playing with different toys, games, equipment, etc.  He’s titled his channel Aidan’s Adventures.  He’s uploaded his very first video, a stop motion clip of a lego battle!

I have to tell you, I am really impressed.  He’s eleven, and has figured out how to do stop motion, create and edit a video, and upload it to YouTube.  I consider myself pretty computer savvy, but don’t know how to do any of that.  Not to mention having the patience to do stop motion!

There are a couple static glitches, that doesn’t show in the video he created on his ipad, but for some reason shows after he uploads to YouTube, so we’re not sure what is going on there.  If anyone knows, please comment below or contact me!

Lego Battles 1v1v1

Again, really proud of both my kids.  I think the most creative I got at their age was drawing and painting in art class.  I’m happy they are both finding a way to feed their creative sides!

Oh, also, just in case anyone is really observant and noticed the name change from Gimli to Aidan… we found out that Gimli is copy-written (Is that grammatically correct?).  So he came up with Aidan’s Adventures as an alternative.

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  1. Good JOB Aidan!!!! Grandma is so proud of you

  2. How creative! Proud of Aidan!

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