Sugar-Free Mom’s Easy Low Carb Chicken Bake

I usually reserve Mondays to show off recipes; but, between being sick, work, and my youngest son having a sleepover on Saturday (What in the world was I thinking?!), I wasn’t able to work on a recipe the way I usually would.

Aidan’s party was a lot of fun, but man do they get crazy!

kids party


Kidding, it was actually like this:



Even though it wasn’t RAVE crazy, it was still a very busy weekend.

I typically photograph my recipe when I’m making it during the week, write down my instructions at that time, and then work on the post over the weekend.  If you’ve read any of my other posts last week, you’ll have seen me mention how I haven’t been feeling well.  Yeah, I’m still not better; and still haven’t been cooking anything worth recording.  Doesn’t my body know that I don’t have time to be sick?

Easy low carb chicken bake… but not easy enough for me to whip up for a photo op this weekend.

What I thought I’d do instead was showoff an easy low carb chicken bake recipe from Brenda at Sugar-Free Mom, another hard working mom with a low carb blog.   If you’re looking for new recipes I highly recommend her blog.  It has a lot of sugar free, low carb recipes that are delicious!

We love her Easy Low Carb Cheese Pizza Chicken Bake.  I usually never alter this recipe, as its perfect just the way it is; but I have used both chicken thighs and chicken breasts.  Both are great!

Easy Low Carb Cheese Pizza Chicken


The boys ask for it all the time and I probably make it at least three times a month.  I also made it for my mom one time, and she loved it!  Everyone comments on how good it is and how filling!

I hope everyone enjoys!  Please give this recipe a try by following one of the links (Easy Low Carb Chicken Bake), or clicking on the picture above.  Comment below and on Brenda’s blog if you have any thoughts or just want to say how yummy it is!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a party to clean up.



Please don’t mind the mess.

Jessica Signature2


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  1. TO CUTE !!!! LMAO…..just remember next time… out!!!

  2. Looks great! I’m gonna make this one!

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