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Update 02/11/17

A couple people have asked if I was still writing a blog, and I realized that I haven’t officially addressed anything on my site for a couple months.  Just in case anyone was wondering, but was too shy to ask, I wanted to give a quick status update… Yes, I […]

mushroom bone broth soup

Easy Mushroom Bone Broth Soup

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this soup made an appearance in one form or another over the past few months.  It’s so easy to make and so delicious that I find myself making it again and again.  For those following Keto, it has great macros […]

twice baked caulimash

Twice Baked Caulimash

This Twice Baked Caulimash was a hit with the family at Thanksgiving.  I actually meant to post this recipe a week or two before Thanksgiving, but I filmed everything… except the end!  For some reason, my brain stopped working that day, and I never filmed the final shots after it […]

Cut and Peel Butternut Squash

How To: Cut and Peel Butternut Squash

When I first delved into low carb cooking I realized I knew next to nothing about cooking a lot of vegetables.  A year ago, my typical vegetable side dish was either microwaved corn, potatoes, or salad.  I’d occasionally throw a zucchini or broccoli into the rotation, but never branched out […]

Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Soup

Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Soup

For those that follow me on specific days, I apologize for the lateness of this post.  I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my site and videos (that I STILL don’t have figured out after putting so many hours into them it’s embarrassing), and I’m so slow at figuring them out. […]