Technical Difficulties 9/27/16

For anyone who may have noticed, the website is having some issues today.  Apparently, the WordPress theme I use did an update and it’s overwriting all of the custom CSS I have in place.  Even those I have clearly marked as important, meaning it should be overriding the theme’s CSS.

So until I get a chance to delve into the issues, I apologize for the look of the website.  The good news is  it’s still readable, it just looks a little off.  The fonts, colors, and layout are all slightly different… enough to be annoying, but no real harm to any of the links or posts (I think).

I’ll try to get the issues fixed when I have time, but I don’t have a time frame at the moment.  My hope is to fix everything within the next few days or over the weekend, but it’s really going to depend on how late my work hours go.

In addition, because I was trying to mess with it this evening, I don’t have my Wednesday post ready to go yet… this trend of missing deadlines has really been stressing me out lately.  Unfortunately, if my job requires the evening and weekend hours that I would normally use for the blog, then it has to come first.

No one but me has probably noticed the issues, but just in case there are some observant readers (especially any that don’t like the changes), I wanted to post a quick note that I will be looking into them as soon as possible.

How fitting is this tag line now?!


Please don’t mind the mess.

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  1. No worries Jess!

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