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August Loot Crate Unboxing: Anti-Hero

With recent movies like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, anti-heroes have been brought to the forefront of pop culture media.  Anti-heroes are actually pretty common, but the recent box office successes (yes, even Suicide Squad was a success), have really highlighted why we love these “heroes” who ride the line of decency and goodness.

There are anti-heroes in every genre.  Aside from the latest hits of Deadpool and Suicide Squad there is: Wolverine, Archer, Spike from Buffy (after he got back his soul), Rorschach from Watchmen, Kratos from God of War, Black Widow, Hancock, The Punisher, Captain Jack Sparrow… the list goes on and on.

Anti-heroes are characters who ultimately end up doing good things, but usually either for very selfish reasons or in ways that can be morally questioned (like beating the crap out of someone – or killing people – to reach their goals).  I think anti-heroes appeal to the majority of people because they more closely resemble us ethically. Tell me you haven’t watched some goody-two-shoes hero spare someone that reeeeeally deserved to die… then shout “I told you you should have killed him!” when the villain makes them regret that decision.  An anti-hero is more likely to just kill the villain first chance he gets.

Left to Right: Red Hood, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Deadpool


August Loot Crate: Anti-hero

This month’s Loot Crate highlights some classic anti-heroes – and some that aren’t as mainstream, but deserve the accolades just as much.

Upon opening, I was greeted by the handsome face of Sterling Archer.



Archer must be tired of the spy game, because it seems he has decided to run against Kenny Loggins during the next election.  Apparently he’s made his announcements with this tshirt by Ripple Junction.  With fall coming up, I’m actually surprised this isn’t a black turtleneck, but I still love it.  He’d definitely have my vote if he was running against the current selection of presidential hopefuls… and, you know, real.



The next thing within easy reach was the monthly Loot Crate pin.  This month’s pin showcases Sylvanas Windrunner, a high elf ranger, and Banshee Queen of the Forsaken.

You’ll have to excuse me on my lack of more detail, it seems like this character has had a rich and tragic history in WoW and plays a part in the new release of World of Warcraft: Legion, but I don’t play the game and I’m having a hard time following her timeline enough to feel comfortable relaying it accurately.  If you’re interested in trying to learn more about her, you can read more on her Wiki here.

This month’s pin comes with all six WoW expansions, and a 30 day subscription for new WoW accounts.



Next was a pair of Kill Bill socks.  A Loot Crate exclusive, they play homage to Beatrix Kiddo, the katana wielding anti-hero of Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts revenge flick.

Beatrix Kiddo is a complicated character bent on killing the man responsible for killing her fiance and friends (at her wedding, no less), and attempting to kill her as well.  Pregnant at the time of the wedding, she also thinks she’s lost her baby after she wakes up from a four year coma.  She ultimately gets her revenge, but not before her history as an assassin is revealed, and she makes some unethical choices in her quest for vengence.



The next item in the box is unquestionably the best item.  A Classic Harley Quinn Q-Fig!



Harley Quinn first makes an appearance on the Batman animated series as a sidekick/love interest/emotional punching bag.  Yes, kids shows can visit some dark themes on occasion, especially Batman.

In this Q-Fig, Harley Quinn wears her iconic jester’s outfit and she shoulders a barrel mallet.  Playfully posing next to one of her “babies”, as she calls Joker’s hyenas, the animated feel to this figure makes this an instant favorite of mine (the animated Batman series was one of my favorites).

IMG_6560 IMG_6561 IMG_6562 IMG_6563


The next item was a Hellboy Right Hand of Doom bank.  Besides being large, red, made of stone, and able to pound bad guys through walls, it’s also the key to bringing about the end of the world.  Whoa there!  That’s too much power for me to handle!  Thankfully, this bank only controls your loose change, not a giant dragon/cthulhu type being that can lay waste to the world.



Lastly, I pulled out the Loot Crate magazine.  This month had a Suicide Squad comic within!  Well, the beginning of one, and now I have to try to find the whole thing so I know what happens next.

There is one moment in particular that truly highlights what an anti-hero is in the form of Captain Boomerang making a quick decision.  If anyone wants me to email them a screenshot, let me know.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might like to get a copy of the comic.



One last bit of news, this month’s magazine did include a recipe!  Actually, two!  Hellboy’s Hot Wings, and Anti-Potato Salad!  Look forward to these next week!

Edit: Oh my gosh!  I almost forgot the most epic thing about this month’s box!  It turns into a mallet!  Now we can show our love to Mistah-J by smashing the crap out of things!




Everybody better watch out!  Because I feel like hitting something!


And remember… sometimes it feels good to be bad… to be good.


Please don’t mind the mess.

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  1. Nice loot! I watched Archer for the first 3 seasons, and really liked it. I need to catch up! If they really want to send you Archer loot, it would have included a rocks glass!

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