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If there is one thing I hope the future brings, it’s a self cleaning house.  It’s not that cleaning is horrible.  In truth I don’t mind cleaning the house, but I never have the time!  At least not to keep it up to my own, admittedly high, standards.

When John and I decided to make some updates to the house, we promised to be better at cleaning the darn thing.  For the most part, we’ve kept that promise, though it can still get a little messy at times, especially when I’m sick or things get crazy with my work.  But it’s nothing a 5 hour energy drink and iTunes can’t fix.

This is what my kids and husband are forced to watch every weekend. I do a great air guitar with a mop too.

I think the hardest thing we have trouble keeping up with is our dark floors.  If you’re thinking about getting dark floors but are still undecided, let me help out.  Don’t. Every speck of dust, and I mean EVERY speck of dust, every footprint (even if people leave their shoes at the door), every cat hair, dog hair, your hair, EVERYTHING shows.

Within minutes of swiffering, vacuuming, and mopping, it looks like I haven’t touched our floors in days.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a picture I took an hour after I had vacuumed the floors.  I hadn’t mopped yet, but I had vacuumed.  One hour folks.  You can clearly see little dog hairs and dust that had settled, probably from my dogs wrestling in the living room.


So after dealing with this for months, I finally decided I need to get a Roomba.  Yes, it took me that long to think of this… I never said I was genius.  We were given one as a gift about 10 years ago, but our dogs at the time attacked and killed it one day.  That was a sad day in the JessMess household.  Which is why I have no idea why I didn’t think to buy one the second renovations were done in the house!  It took several (nine) months of saving and begging for money and gift cards for Christmas and birthdays to get enough together to afford a new one.  Those things aren’t cheap!

But, I finally, finally bought one and… it was the best purchase I have ever made!

It does take a little bit to “set the stage”, but a daily push of the button, and the floors are done within the hour while I’m working.  And it does a phenomenal job!


Yes, dust and pet hair can still show up after an hour or so (or five minutes), but because I run it once a day, instead of my own once a week attempts, it has cut down dramatically on the stress of looking at the floors and feeling like my house is dirty.  I have trouble focusing when I know there is housework to be done, so this makes me feel so much more relaxed and comfortable in my own home.

roomba results

Now, it does’t do a perfect job.  I still have to vacuum myself on the weekend, especially to get under furniture and in corners, but it just takes so much stress off of me and the house looks so much better!  Even John has mentioned how much better the floors look since we bought it.

Oh, and apparently it’s tradition to name your Roomba when you get one?  So, I asked John to name it.  He has christened it Lil Koggers!  Apparently he’s named it after Kog’Maw, who is a monster in League of Legends that eats everything and is known as the Mouth of the Abyss.

Kinda cute if you ignore the nasty maw.


The only downside I’ve found so far is that my couches are juuuuust the right height for him to get stuck under, so I have to be home so I can pull him out of trouble if he gets stuck.  That’s kind of a bummer, as one of my reasons for picking the more expensive 980 model, was so that I could run him remotely when we weren’t at home.

Here’s a completely lame video of Lil Koggers at work.  Because everyone wants to waste five minutes of their life watching a vacuum… vacuum.  I sped the video up in some places, so don’t be fooled that he actually runs that fast, I just get impatient with the videos sometimes.  Also, there’s sound, so turn down the volume on your devices if you’re actually going to watch this video and don’t want to hear a vacuum doing it’s thing.


It’s now been three months since I first shot that video, and I’m still loving my Roomba.  He still gets stuck under the couches, but I still think he was the best purchase ever.

Or at least until Rosie comes on the market.

Please let this happen.

I hope to get a good 10 years out of him and from what others have told me on their Roombas, this is perfectly feasible.  Which is good, as John still has a mini stroke when someone brings up the cost, which I’m hoping time will mitigate.

So until real life catches up with the Jetsons – or I can afford Merry Maids every week – I’ll be putting Lil Koggers to good use.


Please don’t mind the mess.

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  1. Hey Jess, the rumba is the best thing Rick ever gave me. Never figured out how to program it but it turns on in the middle of the night and does its thing. The new model is so much better than the original.

  2. Funny. We had named ours Rosie, after the same maid on the Jestsons!

    • We were tempted by Rosie, but I ultimately let John make the decision. He named off a bunch of different “world destroyers” before settling on Koggers lol.

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