Cheese Crisps – So easy and oh so cheesy!

Okay, that title is cheesy.  But then again, this is a post on cheese so… appropriate I think.  This is going to be the easiest recipe I’ve ever written about.  You can’t even really call it a recipe.

It’s so easy, here’s a spoiler before the pics.  Open a bag of shredded cheese, place it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, and bake for 5 – 7 minutes at 350°. That’s it!

I like to make these and fancy up a burger salad or dip into some guacamole.  However, there is a new trend where people are making taco shells and “tortilla” bowls out of them!  I haven’t tried that yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do recipe list.

I also have an idea for mixing some seasonings in, but I need to work out some flavor combinations before I’m ready to write up a post on that.  Coming soon-ish!

I’ve tried this with a lot of different cheeses, so don’t be shy on what kind you use.  We love Parmesan crisps and pepper jack the most, but the normal cheddar, Italian blend, and Mexican blends are definitely tasty as well!

The hardest part is going to be selecting the cheeses to use.


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Place desired amount of cheese on parchment (I used a tablespoon to measure, but I wasn’t concerned about accuracy), leaving a couple inches in between each pile of cheese.  Flatten the piles so that the cheese is pretty level.



Bake at 350° for 5 – 7 minutes.  You want the edges to be browned.


Be careful, because once the edges brown they can quickly become burnt!

cheese crisps
Despite the Italian cheese getting a little burnt, they were actually still good! Almost like a char I guess.

I like to use them to top burger salads, or dip them into guacamole.



By the way, the pretty lace looking one is aged vermont white cheddar that I had left over after my caulimash creation the other day.

And there you have it!  Delicious cheese crisps!

They can be stored for several days in an air tight container at room temperature, but you’ll probably find they’re gone before you have to start worrying they’ll go bad!



Has anyone else made these?  Let me know what your favorite cheese is, if you add any flavorings, or your favorite way to eat them!

Please don’t mind the mess.

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  1. wow…you’re getting fancy….I’m going to try these

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