Writing Prompt: Imp Mischief

If you’ve never seen the movie Strange Magic, I highly recommend it.  It’s basically an animated musical about fairies, and it’s a fun watch.  In the movie there is a cute mischievous imp that I adore.  I wants one.


I haven’t thought about the movie in a long time, but sometimes things just pop into my head, and the opener of this short story did so while I was driving the other day.

There are a couple cuss words and some brief violence, so though I wouldn’t say it’s E for Everyone, I believe it is safe for everyone in my audience.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Writing Prompt:  Imp Mischief

Slamming on the breaks she launched herself out of her car and sprinted down the alley she had seen the suspect flee down.

I’ve got the bastard now. She formed a holding spell in her hands as she ran; the complicated pattern came to her naturally after years of using it.  A light burst from her hands and she flung the spell at the back of the thief who had held up three jewelry stores in the past month.

Just as the ball of light was about to hit the man, she heard a faint pop and her spell hit an imp square in the face.

A fool of an imp.

“Mun!  What are you doing?  Get out of here!”  She leapt over the frozen little body where it had fallen, already beginning another holding spell.  She let it dissipate however when she ran out the other end of the alley onto a busy street with the man nowhere in sight.

“Damn it!”  Stomping back to the still frozen imp, she glared down at him, breathing hard.  The expression of surprise on his little white furred face almost made her smile.  Almost.

Frozen as he was, Atamun could only give a distressed squeak through his open mouth.  She sighed and started a release spell of her own making.  Turning her palm over, she watched the lightly glowing ball of light float down to land right on his pointed nose.

The spell wasn’t one that worked immediately.  It was designed to release anyone she had trapped in her holding spells slowly.  Very slowly.  That way she could get away from someone dangerous, but not leave them frozen forever in the getting away.  As a Guild Hunter, she sometimes got into sticky situations and needed a quick getaway… without someone in pursuit.

Mun wiggled his nose as it was released from the freeze spell.  Long and pointed, he sniffed nervously, somehow conveying his impatient desire for freedom.  Mun was a fera.  A mischievous imp that was more animal in nature than anything else.  Resembling a very large mouse with long pointed ears, he was usually the most aggravating part of her day.

It didn’t help that he had long white fur that got on everything, but no, the most aggravating thing about him was his insatiable curiosity.  He got into everything, and was always popping up at the worst times to see what she was about.  This was not the first time he’d ruined a catch for her.

Hence the slow release.

His mouth was now unfrozen and he squeaked at her in angry bursts, clearly demanding to be released.  Or threatening her.

“You know I can’t understand you.”  She leaned over him, tilting her head to one side and gave him a big grin.  “But you sound so adorable!  Yes you do!  Yes you do!”

As expected, this sent him into a high pitched rant of epic proportions.  He hated being called adorable.

She stood up, and was about to relent with a faster release spell when Mun squealed a shrill warning.  Too late though.  She was just turning to look behind her when she was hit over the head with something hard.  She slammed into the ground striking her cheek, making her head swim.

She had the brief thought to worry about the smells she had landed in before everything went dark.


“Got you now, you bitch.”

The words came from a distance, but loud enough to break through the blackness.  Groaning from the pain in her head she tried to sit up, but found she couldn’t.

“Oho!  Wakie wakie!”  A kick to her side had her curling into a ball as best she could.  Terror gripped her as she realized her hands and feet were tied.

“Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty.  We need to have ourselves a little chat.  And then maybe some fun!”  A hand stroked her hair out of her face and she snapped her eyes open.

The man she had been chasing crouched over her, grinning widely.  He grabbed her hair and wrenched her head back.  “Now, you’re going to tell me, how you found me.  And then, maybe, I’ll let you live.”

Glancing around, she saw the brick he must have bashed her over the head with, and next to it, nothing.  Mun was nowhere to be seen.  That little rat!  He left me!

Mentally promising all types of retribution, she brought her attention back to the thief.  The idiot had tied her hands in front of her, if she could just manage a small spell of some kind, she might be able to escape.  What spell though?

Angered by her silence, the man brought back a hand and slapped her.  He had hit her on the cheek she had fell on and she gasped through the pain, willing herself not to black out again.

“Okay, okay.”  Groaning, she raised her trapped hands to fend off another blow.

Keeping his hand raised in anticipation of hitting her again, the man smiled an ugly smile full of yellowed teeth.

Her eyes went to something beyond his raised hand, and she found herself grinning widely.

“What’s so funny?”  Angry again, he slammed her back to the concrete, making her teeth rattle.  He stood and pulled back one steel toed boot, planning to kick her grin right off her face, when a squealing ball of fur leapt onto his back and bit one of his ears.

Screaming in pain and surprise, the thief tried frantically to pull Mun off of his back, but the little imp was fast and surprising strong, easily evading the grasping hands.  He continued to take bites here and there, laughing in his high pitched squeaks the whole time.

Using the wonderful distraction Mun was creating, she pulled a small knife out of the heel of her boot and quickly freed her hands.

Not bothering to stand, she swiftly patterned the holding spell.  “Mun now!”

Giving the spell a hard push, it hit the bloodied man just as Mun leapt out of the way, smacking him squarely in the chest.  He pitched forward with his arms still raised in his efforts to get Mun off his back.  She watched in elation as he slammed face first into the concrete floor.

Mun hopped over to her, clearly happy to have been part of the fun.

She freed her feet from their bindings and leaned over to scratch the imp behind one large white ear.  He leaned into her hand, eager for more.

“Thank you Mun.  I owe you one.”

He gave a squeak of agreement and then went over to jump up and down on the frozen man.

Cautiously standing, she pulled out her cell phone as she limped over to the suspect.  “Hey Jimmy.  I caught our perp.  Yeah.  I’ll need an assist to bring him in though, I’m a little banged up.”  She eyed the man’s bloody back.  “Ask Mark to come along, he’ll need a healer.  Mun ripped him a new one.”

She swung back her own steel toed boot and kicked the bastard in his side.  She heard a satisfying crack and a muffled scream.  “And he might have a broken rib.  Yep.  I’ll text you the location.  Thanks.”  Quickly sending the coordinates to the guild’s dispatcher, she walked a few feet away to slide down one of the alley walls.

Mun scampered over to her and wiggled his way into her lap.  She stroked his head and heard a sound she’d never heard before.  A kind of chittering purr came from him, and he closed his eyes in happy contentment.

She sighed, but wasn’t sure if it was in contentment or resignation.  There’ll be no getting rid of him now. 

She scratched a particularly good spot, if his arched back was any sign.  Sighing again, she made her decision.  “I wonder how much my landlord charges for imp insurance.”



I hope you enjoyed this short story!  Please feel free to leave comments below.  I do welcome constructive criticism in the comments, but please give me more than, “I didn’t like it”.  Don’t be afraid to tell me it sucked, but tell me why you think it sucked!  And, of course, if you did like it, I would like to know that too.

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