June Loot Crate Unboxing: Dystopia

Warning: spoilers!  Just a heads up that if you haven’t seen/read/played anything from: Fallout 4, Bioshock Infinte, Matrix, RoboCop, and Terminator 2… then I briefly touch on some areas that might be considered spoilers.  Read at your own risk.



About a year ago I signed John up for a monthly subscription box called Loot Crate.  If I remember correctly, it was a Father’s Day gift for him… and now over a year later, we are still getting boxes because I’m too lazy to cancel the subscription.

Loot Crate is a mystery box service that sends a monthly package full of items related to gaming, movies, comics, anime, etc.  There has always been several items every month that we are ecstatic to receive.  Like the Labyrinth tshirt in April, the Dare Devil beanie in March, the Deadpool figurine in February; and, our absolute favorite so far, the Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt in May!

The universe belongs to me now!

I know I am reviewing June’s Loot Crate in July… but if there’s one thing you may have realized by now, it’s that I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants.  Nothing is planned out correctly, if at all, and I usually decide what I’m going to write about the day before it’s due.

It’s fun and exciting right?  Riiiiiight.


June Loot Crate: Dystopia

Loot Crate’s June theme was Dystopia.  If you’re not sure what that is, it’s typically a world or civilization that is awful in some way, and usually set in the future with either a totalitarian government and/or after some kind of cataclysmic event that has destroyed most of the world.


So pretty much your basic reason for dressing in a steampunk style, walking around with goggles and gas masks, combined with leather dusters and guns.  Definitely bring the guns.

And, um, make sure you use them.


Okay, seriously, here’s the unboxing:

The big reveal!


Ta da!



First out of the box was the Matrix puzzle.  We will definitely be doing a family puzzle night on this one.  Well, actually the kids aren’t really into puzzles, so maybe John and I will do a romantic nerdy date night with wine and puzzle making.

This puzzle is 300 pieces and the artwork was created just for Loot Crate.  I am seriously considering framing this.


I also found this highly amusing and wanted to show you guys… for some reason, this puzzle has a recommended minimum age of seventeen… seventeen!  Because puzzle making is dangerous for anyone younger.  They might choke on the pieces.


I checked the pieces too, they are normal sized puzzle pieces.



Next out was this very adorable Fallout 4 vinyl Funko collectible.  This cute representation of Fallout 4 power armor is definitely going on our shelf of collectibles.  I did mention we were nerds, right?



We then pulled out this very cool RoboCop t-shirt from Grey Matter Art.  Looking very retro, it depicts RoboCop, clearly having taken down a gang of lowlifes – probably the infamous Boddicker Gang – with partner Anne Lewis.

IMG_5690 IMG_5688


Dead or alive, you’re coming with me. – Alex Murphy/RoboCop



You definitely can’t have a dystopian themed box without including Terminator in some way, shape, or form.  And how fitting for that form to be a metal plate?

This Terminator 2 metal print commemorates the 25th anniversary of the film.  Don’t be fooled by the steel frame and glowing red eyes.  There’s a heart of gold hidden within all that metal.



Bioshock Infinite, a game set in a dystopian society in 1912, is represented by a key given to Booker, who then gives it to Elizabeth, to obtain her freedom from the tower.



While I wish the Loot Crate key looked more like the key in the game (so I could twirl it and see the illusion of the bird inside the cage), I do really like that this is a real key that you can have cut as your house key.  This way I can free or lock myself within my own house!



Every Loot Crate box also comes with a themed pin… and I’m sad to say that this is the first month we’ve paid close attention to one.  This month’s pin comes with Fallout DLC for your mobile device.


Looking into it more closely, I found out that each month has included some form of downloadable content!  During my “free time” I’m going to have to go back and check out the past months.

This June’s DLC are exclusive wallpaper and ringtones from the Fallout mobile game, Fallout Shelter.



That was all that was inside the box, but each Loot Crate always has one additional gift… the box itself!  Each box turns inside out to represent that month’s theme!

In keeping with the Dystopia theme, they used Fallout 4 artwork for June.

IMG_5696 IMG_5697



We don’t always keep the boxes because they take up a lot of room, but this is one that we are definitely keeping.


All in all, I’d say this was a great box.  There isn’t anything we would put in our giveaway/garage sale/Goodwill tub this month.  For the price ($13.95/month), we definitely got more than our money’s worth.

I thought this post was a lot of fun and can see why people do reviews/unboxings of subscription purchases.  I definitely plan on doing more.



Also, in relation, I plan on doing more gaming/movie/book recipe creations, all low carb, of course.  Look for my upcoming creation: Fallout Mutfruit Sweetrolls!

If you have anything specific you would like to see, please comment below!


Please don’t mind the mess.

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