Weight Loss Journey: Update #1

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today, but I’m just not feeling it creatively.  So instead of my normal short story, I thought I’d do a weight loss update for those following me on my weight loss journey.




Though I have lost weight, it hasn’t been nearly as much, or as fast, as I would like.  I’m averaging under a pound a week.  I had been hoping for 1 – 2 pounds a week, so I’m a little bummed.  It’s my own fault though; if I was stricter on my diet (a lot stricter), and exercising more (a lot more), I’m sure I would be seeing the progress I want.

Yep.  That’s how it works Jess.  Eat less, exercise more.  I keep telling myself that, but then cravings hit and someone offers me a cookie.




I’ve been updating my weight loss tracker on a weekly basis.  I find it encouraging to enter lower numbers from the week before, no matter how small the change.  Gives me a little bit of motivation to keep going.

weight loss journey

Yay for progress?
Yay for progress?


On the bright side, at least there is a downward trend.  And I made my husband laugh when I told him I’m finally back to the weight I started at when I did Keto the first time.

Making people laugh… because of my weight… not what I had in mind.


cat weigh


One thing that has helped me a whole lot, and I never expected it to, was to join Instagram.  Posting pictures of my meals, and following others who are doing similar diets has done a lot for my motivation.  I think it’s the only reason why I made any progress at all this week.  Follow me if you’re interested in seeing a small peak into my daily life, or if food porn is your thing.

If you find you’re having trouble staying motivated while trying to lose weight, find something that inspires you to stay on track.  Whether it’s tracking your meals, posting pictures, joining a Facebook group, or finding a gym buddy.

By motivation, I mean more of a daily motivation.  We all have the initial motivation to be more healthy, live longer, be there for the kids, overcome weight induced afflictions, etc.  But sometimes that’s not enough to keep us inspired day to day.

Here is a small bit of motivation that got me through a dinner out.

old me 2

Sometimes I just need a gentle nudge to my inner self, saying, you’re doing this for a reason.  You can do this.

And if the gentle nudge doesn’t work… I need to slam that bitch upside her head and scream at her like a drill sergeant trying to whip new recruits into shape.


drill sergeant yelling


I feel like I’m on the right path now, it’s just a matter of working out some of the kinks and staying consistent.  I can see the healthy me I want to be, and I know I can get there.

Anyone need a gym buddy?


Please don’t mind the mess.

Jessica Signature2


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  1. Any amount of weight loss is a success story. I’m proud of you, especially sharing to help others with eating disorders. Been there; done that. Now there’s the new me that eats healthy.

    • Thanks Sue! I hope I end up being a success story to help inspire anyone else needing encouragement. If my weak a** can do it, then anyone can!

  2. Great job Jess! When we were at dinner the other night, I was sincere in my comment: You are looking healthy! Keep up the great work! And lets keep our yoga dates, or at least just move them when we can’t get together. Or lets do them over facetime if we have to! P.S lets move our session on the 17th to the 18th, ok? 🙂

  3. Jess…you are doing great! Weight loss is a side bennefit to eating healther. You will eventually reach your goal….just keep eating healthy.

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