Beginner Yoga – The Mat is Not for Napping

As I write this, I’m hot, sweaty, a little shaky, and out of breath.  Am I having a heart attack?  A panic attack?  About to pass out from low blood sugar?  Maybe yes to all three.  But, no.  Actually I just finished doing some yoga.

You read that right.  Yoga made me feel like a wet noodle.  And to make it even worse… beginner’s yoga.  I am so weak, my muscle’s so unused to physical exercise, that I feel the burn after 20 minutes of beginner’s yoga.  The mat is looking really comfy right now.

It’s actually a running joke in my family about how physically weak I am.

Pretty accurate.

John especially finds it hilarious when I try to punch him in the arm (trust me, he deserves it) and end up hurting my hand.  And before he gets all cocky if he’s reading this… that just means I’m really that weak, not that you’re that strong.  (Burn?)

The last couple months, my dad and I started getting together every other Saturday to do yoga.  My youngest son, Aidan, even joins in.  He’s weak too.  Weak like a ten year old!  (That one’s not so much a burn… he actually is ten.)

In my defense, all three of us felt it afterwards.  But my dad is pretty fit and seems to recover quickly.  I on the other hand do not (*cough* still feeling it the next day *cough*).  Feeling that sore after doing 20 minutes of beginner yoga, kind of drove home how weak I am though.  Thankfully yoga helps strengthen the body.  I can tell that it will focus more on strength and flexibility; not so much on weight loss (which I also need).  I feel like it’s important to work on strengthening my body just as much as losing weight.  You know, so that I don’t get laughed at when I have to have John open a jar.  Besides, I also want to work my way up to the more advanced forms of yoga, as they look pretty fun.

advanced yoga pose
My days of trying something like this may be long gone though.

As far as exercise goes, I do like it and plan to keep it up.  I created a schedule so that I’m doing it at least 3 times a week.  I plan on adding walking (building up to running) to the mix to aid weight loss.  I’m hoping by the end of the year to end up with an exercise routine that is a mix of weights/strength training, yoga, and walking/running.

My dad and I have been following a YouTube video called Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for Beginners by Yoga Shala (embedded below).  I’ve never done yoga before, so I’m obviously no expert; but I feel like it’s a good mix of standing and floor poses for yoga noobs like me.  It’s funny, so far each time I play this, I have trouble touching the ground in the standing forward bends in the beginning.  But by the end of the video, I’m able to touch the floor no problem.  It might seem like such a small thing, but I feel really pleased that I can accomplish it.  Because let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken anymore, and my body creaks and protests when I tie my shoes.  I’ll gladly take the little things as they come along.

My favorite pose so far is the mountain pose, also called tadasana.  Because at the end you shout, “tada!”  I’m kidding, but I may start doing that as my signature move!

Yep. That's it.
Yep. That’s it.

Yep, my favorite pose is to just stand there.

Actually they explain in the video that you need to relax your shoulders, straighten your spine and legs, feel the crown of your head pressing towards the sky, and feel your feet planted firmly in the ground.  Basically you want to form a straight line from your head, through your shoulders and pelvis, down to your feet.  And feel that line from the crown of your head down through your heels.  So it really is about more than just standing there… though after trying to hold different warrior and plank poses… It. Feels. So. Good.Mountain Pose


Just think.  After a year of working on my strength, I’ll be able to challenge John in an arm wrestling match!

Arm Wrestling

Well, maybe not.  For now I’ll work on my mountain pose though.  And maybe take a nap.

Anyone else doing yoga and want to share some advice?  Please comment below!

Please don’t mind the mess.

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  1. Nice blog! You write very well! I can’t wait to catch up and Yoga again!

  2. So when can we start up again????

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